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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 - Online Gaming Information - Zynga Farmville

Blog Name:-The Dirt Farmer(

Interview of the Team Member of

On which Platform it is made?
The main site is based on Blogger, but has the subdomains hosted elsewhere for flexibility.

How this Blog will help people?
The site is basically a fan site for the popular online game of Zynga Farmville. It provides the players with the latest info on the game, whats planned next, lots of guides, tips, tricks, and some informative stuff too.

Why people should Visit your website?
Its just a one stop destination for everything related to Farmville. We are dedicated to constant improvement, and delivering the best possible content for the players benefit. The only reason why we are the #1 fan site for Farmville today, even after having started later than other well established sites.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am G Prashanth Kumar Sarda
Well, I am a regular guy, aged 28, who loves computers, and everything related to it. Used to play a lot of game, until I started playing Farmville in around 2009. Got me addicted, and due to my curiosity for knowing about stuff, and willingness to help others, got me onto the Dirt Farmer team... There was no stopping henceforth, and we got the site running soon, and everything else is what you see now.

Why You Started this website?
We are a team of players who just wanted to help other fellow players with their regular queries related to the game. We just started as a fan page on Facebook (I joined later though), and then felt that we need to organize info better, and we started the website in late 2011.

Your Future plans about this blog?
The only aim we have is to give the best possible info available today and make playing the game simple and comfortable for other players. On a personal level, I am aiming to see the site break into the top 10K in Alexa soon, from its current 25K levels, get a better page rank than 3 currently, and be the only name that anyone thinks when they want any info related to Farmville. Those who follow us know that we are constantly evolving.

Your Website Link,Your Facebook Page Link?
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

Contact Details:-
G Prashanth Kumar Sarda


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