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Friday, 18 January 2013 - Technology Blog by Jignesh Rathod


Interview of the CEO of the Website

How this Blog will help people?
The blog contains helpful everyday tips & tricks for using software, website, computer and technology.
Each article of this blog gives knowledge on how to efficiently make use of software, websites and computer. This blog encourages people to make best use of technology.

Why people should Visit your website?
Knowledge sharing is my ultimate goal and I would like to make people aware of latest technologies and best use of them.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
My name is Jignesh Rathod, I live in Ahmedabad with my parents, wife and a daughter. I am a software developer whose main interests are applicatoins, website and mobile development. Sharing knowledge through my blog is my hobby.

Why You Started this website?
My goal is not self-promotion or advertisement or SEO. (I also don't spend my attempts on that) Instead, I have started this blog to encourage best uses of technology.

Your Future plans about this blog?
I want to gradually make the blog perfect by adding better and more helpful contents.

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Contact Details:-
Phone: 9558834100


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