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Sunday, 2 June 2013

List of 27 Basic Blogger Gadgets | Blogger Widgets Free

Today we are publishing a list of basic Blogger Gadgets you can use to make your blog more attractive and visitors friendly

1.+1 Button

It is just like facebook like button using it people will recommend your brand and content.

2.Google+ Followers

In Gadget will show your Google plus Follower(Friends) and with the help of it visitor of your website can easily follow you on Google plus.

3.Google+ Badge

This Badge tells you are on Google+ and they can join you.


This plugin will help people to translate into different languages. This is very important if your blog is not in English language.

5.Follow by Email

Using This Gagdet your Visitor can be converted into Loyal Readers.They can subscribe your blog by email using this.They will be informed when you post any thing via email.

6.Popular Post

It will display the list of popular post from your blog.You can select popular post list on the basis of all time popularity,last 7 day popularity or last 30 day popularity.

7.Blog's Stats

This will help you keep track of the traffic of your website and will show a counter of the number of visitors.There are two type of Counter: Static and dynamic


It will display a list of stand alone pages on your blog.Pages can be placed at menu position or on side menu positions.There can be atmost 20 Pages.

9. Adsense

You can monitize your blog by adding Adsense gadget for using this gadget you need to have verified account on Google Adsense.

10.Search box:

Using search box visitor can search the Content on your blog.This is very important gadget so that visitor can find anything easily.


Using this you can add code to your blog.It helps in adding code of different 3rd party functionalities like Facebook like Box,Feedjit and many others...


Using this gadget you can add a text message on your Blog.


You this you can add image in the sidebar or footers of your blog.You can upload your own image or take from internet.


A slideshow will be added to your blog.You have to enter the keyword whose slide show you wants to show.

15.Video Bar

Using it you can Display YOUTUBE video clips on your blog.


Using Poll Gadget you can take People's poll on a particular question or topic. This will increase people participation on your blog.


Will show what you read with Blogroll.

18.Link List

This Gadget display the list of Your Friend website/portal.


It is list where you can add a list of your favourite items or what ever you want will be displayed in a list.


It will show a list of Latest news from Google News upon a topic you wants to show.


Using this you can show all label or selected label at once place.You can select Label diplay in list or cloud form and  can sort them according to the Alphabetical or frequency order.

22.Subscription Links

Using it People and readers can easily subscribe to your blog feeds


Using it you can add blogger logo on your website to show respect & affection to Blogger.


You can too display Your Bio to the visitor.This gadget will display information about you.

26.Blog Archive

It will show complete list of the posts you have yet posted and make it easier to navigate on your blog according to the duaration of posts.

27.Page Header

It helps in Displaying the Blog Title and description on the blog's header and most of times already added by default.



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