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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Top 5 Search Engines and their Search Engine market share

Search Engine market share

Google is the number 1 search engine whose Search Engine market share  is 65.2%. The monthly seacrhes are around 114.7 billion searches.

The Baidu is the Second most poular Search engine. It Search Engine market share is 8.2%. It is widely popular in China. The monthly searches are around 14.5 billion searches.

Yahoo has 4.9% shares of the Search Market. Yahoo is still famous in Japan. The monthly seacrhes are around 8.6 billion searches.

Yandex has 2.8% shares. It has performed well and stepped up one position leaving Bing behind. The monthly searches are around 4.8 billion searches.

Bing has a share of 2.5%. Microsoft search engine Bing is gaining popularity but at very low pace. The monthly searches are around 4.5 billion searches.

Rest Search engine like ask has combined share of 16.3%. Combined monthly searches are around 28.7 billion searches.


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