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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Watermark : Protect Your Images | Free Watermark Softwares

This is the First Guest Post on Indian Blogger Community by Himanshu.

Today content copying/stealing has become a trend. Every day some unethical people are copying the Content of your website and damaging the traffic to your website. Just like content Theft, Image theft is also becoming more and more intensified. Some non-sense bloggers might be using your images without your prior permission.
Everyone wants to protect his or her images from being copied, misuse or being stolen. However we actually don't know to stop that.

The best way to stop your images from being stolen is to prove your ownership on your images.

Why and How to Prove Ownership on Your Images?
If someone is copying or misusing your images then the best solution is to complain against them. You can file a DMCA complain against them. Also you can also complain to Google against Copycats. But during the time of complaining they will ask for proves & to prove your ownership on images. The best way to prove your ownership on your images is to start adding WATERMARK logo.

Watermark is a kind of marker which is typically used to identify the ownership of images of your website.

Why Watermark is necessary?

  • It is will help you to protect your images from Copycats.
  • It will help you to file complain against the People who are using your images without prior information.
  • It will warn the Copycats not to use your images.
  • It is the best way to authenticate & declare the ownership of your images.

How to add Watermark?
You can easily add the Watermark logo to your images by using any Photo Editing Software like PhotoShop. Also you can add Batch Waterlogo using some of the below Free Softwares.

Free WaterMark Softwares Download Link
Alamoon Watermark Link 1
TSR Watermark Image software Link 2
WatermarkLib Link 3
uMark Lite Link 4
Kigo Image Converter Link 5

 Guest Author
Himanshu Rathee. He is the founder & CEO of He loves to write about Technology. He is currently Pursuing Btech(Mechanical).


  1. Thanks for sharing about these Software. I shall try first one.
    With Regards.



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