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Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Protect blog Before Blogger Ban/Delete it? | Precautions & Restoration Steps

Today I got surprised when I came to know that Blogger has started a new Campaign to delete the Spam blogs.First of all I think it is nice effort to punish the bloggers who publish the Duplicate content on their website.

But shocked when heard when the Blogs of my two friends get banned/deleted by the Google.
Yogesh Mandge's
Mehul Mohan'
got banned which I know that they publish their unique content.

Mehul Mohan had worked so hard day and night to make his blog in top 100K blogs. His blog current Alexa ranking was:-
Alexa Traffic Rank: 95,328   Traffic Rank in IN: 10,130
His effort go Vain....SAD

What is the Possible Reason Why Blogger Might delete your blog?

1.Duplicate Content:-
You might Are copying the content from Some Others blog.Now Google is more Strict because of US Governments order to stop Content Theft.

2.Use of Illegal Scripts on your blogs:-
Blogger may delete your blog if you use some illegal scripts to Benefit the Seo of your blog.

3.BackLinks as Comments
You might are commenting on other's blog and left your Backlinks there. Blogger sometimes consider it spam.Not sure but I always see a bar on the Blogger home page:-

4)You are violeting Google Terms of Service.

Read Google Policies for Blogger Use

5)Adult Content:-
Google may ban you if you are posting adult content on your blog.

What to do if blog Has been deleted by the Google?
Method 1:-Go to and check the deleted blog.There you will find that your blog has been marked as SPAM.Click Restore button corresponding to blog name.

Method 2):-The second step you can do is Go to the following link and Post you question on it.

Also Read more About how to get your Blog Back

Prevention is better than cure
Why to wait that Google delete your blog and you take unnecessary tension.And try to implement above Methods on it.
But there is very less possibility that Blogger will Return your blog back.
So takes steps to Protect your blog in ADVANCE:-
1.Go to
2.Select your blog and So to its Setting.
3.Under Setting go to others.

4.)Now you will find 3 options under blog tools.
5.)Click on EXPORT Blog and then download blog.A xml will get download.Keep this file save as it will help in case your blog gets deleted. Regularly download this file.

6)In case you blog get banned/deleted
Create a New Blog and again Go to the setting of this new Blog and This time you need to Import your blog on this blog.Upload the xml and your blog will be again live..

Be Tension FREE now..................:)



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