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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sanket Template Blogger - Free Blogger Theme by Indian Blogger Community

Here We are with our with our first Template "Sanket".
The Word Sanket is word derieved from Hindi language which means Symbol, attitude or Indication.We started working on the template on 2 February and with a hard work of 1 and a half day designed it. Encouraged by the response of our Readers and our increasing Bloggers Community we have decided to distribute the SANKET TEMPLATE for FREE to our Member and Readers.

DEMO of Template
DOWNLOAD of Template

How is Sanket theme Different from Other Templates:-

1.)Better SEO
This Template is Search engine optimized.The Title of the Page will be the post Title not the Blog Title.

2.)Social Buttons

It has Social Buttons in the End of the Page which provides a unique looks to the Blogger.

3)Menu Bar

4.)Search Box:-It has a fascinating Search Bar.It has a voice Search Facility Too.

5.)Follow by Email

Block Diagram of the Template:-

Block Diagram
Layout of the Template:-

How to Apply it:-

1.Downdoad The Template CLICK HERE
2.First of all go to template. Then go to Backup/Restore.

3.Upload the template.

4.Check your blog.

Customization Of The Template:-

I will customization tomorrow friends......

Final Looks:-


  1. The template looks great with so many good features. So simple and lovely design that nobody can tell it a Blogspot theme at first look. But I liked most the SEO part- title will be page title! And that's just smart.

  2. This is awaysome article ..this templates are seo friendly, adsense optimized and good for visitor...also you can Download free Premium Blogger Templates 2013

  3. please update the download link :(



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