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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Blogging Jungle - Virtual Characters

Blogging world is Jungle. Our blogs are small creatures of this Jungle.It has many powerful animals like Lions,Leopards and Elephants in this Jungle.These Powerful creatures consider themselves as the King of this jungle.

Virtual Characters in this Blogging Jungle:-

Google is the Lion of the Blogging World it can kill any blog.It can blacklist any blog and can order any blog to go out of its territory(by removing the blog from Google Search). But one thing is Good about this Lion it is not cruel to honest creatures(Blog).It is Honest king which Punishes CULPRIT and Rewards the Genuine blogs. is a Elephant in this jungle.
It always stay calm. Always do his work calmly. Believes that Quality is more important than quantity.
It becomes violent if some CopyCat copies it precious work but donot directly kills the enemy but complain about the CopyCat to the Lion which slaps 
the CopyCats &
These are young leopards in these Blogging Jungle.They believes in both Quality and Quantity.Even the Elephant( know the potential of these Leopards. Also they special grace of the Lion(Google). Lion rewards them with DOLLARS

These are some silly & wicked creatures which tries to copy the content of Leopards and Elephants.
But they do not know that We have a Justice Loving Lion which always punishes the culprits.Thanks to our Lion.

These are blogs which write their own content but highly influenced by the Leopards and Elephant.
They have a very bad habit of barking & pissing. They always talk so much about their content and always lefting their backlinks(Pissing) on others property.
They have a very bad habit of posting their links on Facebook too.

These are imaginary Characters according to me.You can also comment some virtual characters in this blogging Jungle....:)
What you are in this Jungle..........??


  1. Super Awesome Article Brother I Think There Should Be a Place There for We Small Bloggers Like a Horse (Rapid, Growing And Helping) Should be There.



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