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Sunday, 2 June 2013

10 Qualities for becoming a Successful Blogger

1.Hardworking+Smart Working
If you want to become a successful Blogger than hard-work is the key to success. Not only hard-work but smart-work in a right direction.
If you choose a wrong niche for your blog like hacking even if you work hard you are not going to become successful because Google is against hacking Blogs. So do hard-work along with smart-work.

Patience is the greatest requirement for blogging. If you are not patient you may get frustrated and everything will appear scam to you.
You have to be patient at times when you are not getting any traffic on your blog.

3.Cool & Calm
You should remain even if you are not getting any traffic stay cool & calm. Taking tension is worthless and will demotivate you.

4.Good Writer
You should be a good writer so that readers can have a interest in your articles. Quality of the Content is the key factor for the success of the blog.

You should be contest. You should never copy the content of others. Copying the content of others is a unethical act and you will soon be banned by Google.

6.Smart CopyCat
This point is just opposite of the above point but yes you have to be smart copycat. You can take an idea from other's posts and make your own article. But do not directly from others just take idea what should be in post.

7.Fast & furious
You should be fast to grab an opportunity. Be the first to write on the latest current topic in the trends. Who will write first has higher chances of getting indexed higher in Google Search.

You should be friendly to your readers. You should always give reply to the questions asked by the readers of your blog.

Also if you are serious then make a habit of regularly updating your blog timely. If you donot update your blog regularly you are going to loose your readers.

10.Ability to Exaggerate
Ability to exaggerate and explain any topic in depth helps you to write a great article. It will keep an interest of the Readers in our blog articles.

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  2. All gems! Great share Ricky. I liked most the part where you mentioned to be punctual and ability to explain the topic in depth.



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