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Sunday, 2 June 2013

9 Parameter for Measuring the Success of your blog

Today we are going to present 9 parameter with the help of which you can measure the Success of your Blog or website and Check whether you are going in Right Direction.

Daily Unique visitors

Number of Page Views does not matter's. The Number of unique visitors matters. 
If you are getting 1000+ unique visitor then your is performing well.

Daily Ad Revenue

Another Important parameter to check the success of your blog is to consider the Daily Ad revenue.
If you are earning more than 10 Dollars then you are going in right direction.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is another parameter. If your blog is under Top 50K. Then you are performing well. If your blog has Anything less than it requires a lot of your's hardwork.

Google Page Rank

A page rank is also considered an Important parameter. Any thing above 3 PR is considered Good. A Blog with higher PR are indexed higher in search.

Indexed pages

As the traffic from the search Engine is the main source of Traffic. So the Number of Indexed page is another important Factor.
Greater the number of Indexed page better is your performance.


If you have a Large number of Do-Follow link on Higher Page rank website then you are going in a right direction. However no-follow links are of no use.

Facebook Likes

Social Media is also important for popularity of blogs. If your Facebook page has more than 5K Likes then its good. You will get good amount of traffic from facebook.

Twitter Followers

More the number of twitter followers more the traffic you get from social media. Your followers will definitely read what you posts on your twitter profile.

Google +1's

This is one the important Parameter.More the number of Google +1's Greater are the chance of indexing higher on Google search results. So if you do not have Google plus 1 button then add it now.

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