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Monday, 4 March 2013 - Tech Blog by Sidharth Pk


Interview of the CEO of the Website

On which Platform it is made?

How this Blog will help people?
TechBii is a pure tech blog which covers latest technology updates, android, how to guides, tricks, blogging, SEO and lots more.

Why people should Visit your website?
TechBii updates at a regular intervals of time so that you can grab latest tech stuffs. TechBii provides any kind of help regarding tech tutorials, DIY guides irrespective of the contents being published in the blog. You can request Softwares, tutorials and even custom android ROMs for your needs.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am Sidharth. I'm currently pursuing engineering from IIT. I'm a part time blogger who loves to blog about technology, blogging etc. I'm a fun loving guy from Kerala. I'm also a certified hacker and worked at ICA as security consultant.

Why You Started this website?
Being Frank, I blog for money and my passion makes it easy. I suggest every students to start a blog in appropriate niche in order to make recurring income.

Your Future plans about this blog?
I'm working smart to bring up my blog to the next level. Being an entrepreneur is my dream and I hope it can be achieved through my blog.

Your Website Link,Your Facebook Page Link?
Blog :
FB :

Your Contact Details:-

1 comment:

  1. This blog is not limited to people who want to have certain kind of updates from the field of technology, it is best of everyone. Everyone here means students, households, professionals, lay man and addictive reader like me (Technology gheeks) etc.

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