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Tuesday, 5 March 2013 - The Universe Encyclopedia by ARNOB MUKHERJEE


Interview of the CEO of the Website

On which Platform it is made?

How this Blog will help people?
Here in this blog people will know much more about the universe rather than the existings facts and informations.

Why people should Visit your website?
As the subtiltle of our blog already indicates that it is the "The Universe Encyclopedia". so no wonder  every single person of the world who is  keenly intrested on the topic "the universe' will undoubtedly enjoy our website.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am "ARNOB MUKHERJEE" the basic mind behind the "ARRAY PROXIMA" a 16 years old guy who has dedicated him self in the learning of universe and keenly intrested to know more about it. A dancer by birth and a blogger by passion.
My principle to live is.......
and i promise to my veiwers that i will always try to give knowledge as far as posibble.

"AYAN MUKHERJEE" the creative mind behind the "ARRAY PROXIMA" a 20 years old guy who has shakened his hand with me to make "space time lab" one of the successful blog is my brother.
We want to start a new journey with the concepts of universe.According to me my brother is a great man with a great mind.

Why You Started this website?
Array Proxima is all about knowing our complicated universe i started this website to make the topic more easier to understand the whole world. UNIVERSE is a topic like a suspenseful story which i would like to explain as a narrator of that story.

Your Future plans about this blog?
My future plans are all about how to encourage people about the term 'cosmoloy' with the explanation of hidden souls who has taken part in the past ,present and future of the learning of universe with the compilation of all the theories and philosphies behind the sceens.

Your Website Link,Your Facebook Page Link?

Your Contact Details:-


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