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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Comments for BackLinks : Wastage of Time

BackLinks are considered as one of the Important aspect of the SEO. Backlinks are one of the Most talked topics of the Blogging world. There are a number of ways of building Backlinks. Comments being one of the Easiest and Quickest way to make backlinks.

Many Young Blogger indulge more time in commenting rather than writing quality stuff thinking that it will help in Building Backlinks and Better SEO.

Yes it is true that Backlinks help in SEO.  Backlinks helps in:-
  • Better Search engine ranking
  • Faster indexing
  • Better Page Rank
But only the Quality backlinks from high PR websites matters. Backlinks from Low Page Rank website can have the reverse effect on your website. Because of Backlinks from low PR websites you may loose your Page Rank. 

Moral:- Definitely BackLinks are Important but they should be from high page rank websites.

But why "Comments for BackLinks is a Total Wastage of Time"

1.The Comments for Backlinks on Low Page Rank Website can harm your Website's SEO.
2. Leaving Comments for Backlinks on the High Page Rank Websites is also a complete wastage of time because Owners of Such blogs are much smarter than young bloggers. All the Links in  Comments of such websites are non-follow. So even if you leaves your backlink on such website that backlink will not be visible to search Engines. So a total wastage of Time.

You might have seen Some Blogger always leave BackLinks on High Page Rank websites like MYBLOGGERTRICKS.COM & SHOUTMELOUD.COM. But They donot know that these backlinks are non-follow & Useless.

For Example the Below is comment:-

Note:-This Article does not motivates you to Stop Commenting. Rather Comments are very Important. Comments motivate the Author. And you can also ask your Doubts from the Author. We are Trying to teach you that leaving backlinks while commenting is not a good habit.

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  1. The main purpose of commenting is discussion and sharing views. It also helps us to gain attention of community, especially if the comments are in-depth and valuable. Commenting for only back-links is wastage of time.

  2. Yes truly said main purpose of commenting is discussion and sharing views.

  3. thank you , verry nice. i like it. I think it’s generated for one person only, fix it with this one



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