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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tips for Indexing Images in Google Image Search

As you know we have already posted:-

"Images are too indexed just like webpages. Images are indexed in the Google Images. So if you are not using proper names for your images. Then you are possibly loosing the possible traffic on your blog which may come on your blog via image search."

Today we are going to tell you how you index your images on Google Image Search.

1. Descriptive Name of Picture File
First of All choosing a Name of Picture File is very important. You should choose a descriptive name for the image. Google Crawlers and Spiders cannot see the image they can only see the name of the Image so if you have some silly name of Picture then that image will become useless. So the some meaningful name should be given so that Google can index our images in the Google Image Search.


For Example:-
The name of the Above Image should be seotips.jpg or seotricks.jpg . If you use name like 12344.jpg or aaass.jpg then this image will become useless.

<img alt="SEO TIPS" border="0" src="" title="SEO TIPS" />

2. Use of Image ALT Attribute
ALT attribute specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. Google Crawlers also takes consideration of ALT while indexing image. So while placing any image then Always write alternate Text. It will help you in Optimizing your Images.

3.Use of TITLE Attribute
TITLE attribute displays on mousehover. Just like ALT you should use TITLE attribute. Google Crawlers also takes consideration of TITLE while indexing image. So use some descriptive title of your Image.

4.Use of  Caption
Captions provide extra information about your Web images. Google Crawlers also takes consideration of TITLE while indexing image.


If you are using BLOGGER then adding them is very easy. To add all these attribute just click on the image.

Adding caption

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