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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Google Page Rank and its Significance | Google PR Scale

In the Previous Post we have posted about Upcoming Page Rank Update

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Today we going to tell you the Significance of each Page Rank. We will tell you what PR 0 to PR 10 signifies.
Google Page Rank Chart

Page Rank Significance Examples
PR 0 It means that you are even not capable to be placed in Google. You are either performing very very Poor or you have just started a new website.
PR 1 You just managed to get a Rank but Donot Consider it Good Rank. We will say PR 1 is a  very Poor Page Rank. But thanks to God you are in listing of PR Scale.
PR 2 Although we will say that PR 2 is still a Poor Rank but their are lot of Possibility for Improving your Page Rank. WORDPL.NET
PR 3 This is the Most Common website.We will say its average rank. Any one can easily get this rank by Little hardwork. NABTRON.COM
PR 4 PR 4 indicates that you are better than your competing website. This indicates that you are Above Average. This means you are working hard and serious about your blog. With Little hard word you can get much higher rank.
PR 5 This Rank indicates Good Rank. If you have PR 5 then your posts will be indexed among First Search result Pages. You will be indexed better and crawled frequently. With this Rank you might be earning a lot of Dollars.
PR 6 If you have PR 6 Then we will say Great. If you are blogger than you are standing along with AMIT AGARWAL(LABNOL.ORG). PR 6 tells you are writing some thing great and need a lot of hardwork to maintain this Page Rank.
PR 7 If you have PR 7 Then we will only say INCREDIBLE. You have reached the maximum rank which a blogger can achieve. You are indexed on top pages. You have lot of followers. You are writing some thing very useful. At this position work hard not to get higher page rank but to maintain this position.
PR 8 Incredible & Web Master.These Ranks are generally for Top 100 websites. If you are a blogger than donot try to Target this Rank. If you want this then Transform your website into a website company and hire employees. Difficult to get this PR with single man effort.
PR 9 This page rank indicates Web Giant.These Ranks are generally for Top 50 websites. If you are a blogger than never Target this Rank.
PR 10 This page rank indicates Web KINGS.These Ranks are generally for Top 10 websites. However many giants like google & facebook donot have PR 10.

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