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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Upcoming: Google PageRank Update MAY 2013

Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google for assigning Ranks on the Basis of Quality of Website. Google in Every 3 months update the Page rank.
The Blogger who works hard get awarded and who perform bad get punished. The rise in Page Rank is a very Good feeling.
Google has recently Update the Page Rank in February 2013. Now they are going to Update Page Ranks in May 2013.

Although May 2013 is 40 days away but you should start working hard from now if you want to increase your page rank in upcoming Update.

What you can do increase your PR?

  • Post quality article on your blog.
  • Post Regularly on your blog.
  • Donot post out of box topics.
  • Be patient,Donot put unnecessay ads
  • Be Honest, donot try copy content from the other bloggers.
  • If you finds some one is copying your content take action against him.
  • Start Building BackLinks on High PR website
  • Most Important Take Your SEO Seriously

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How Important Is PageRank?

Google Page Rank is very important for indexing of pages in the Google Search Results. Better the Page Rank, higher your posts will be indexed.


For the Same Search Query The Websites with Higher Page Rank are Shown Higher in Search results.

So start taking Page Rank Seriously from Today.....

My Current Page Rank is 1,I am expecting PR 2 in this Upcoming Update

What you are expecting???


  1. got PR3 is last update. Now I am expecting remains as it is.

  2. W.O.W Really Nice Article Dude



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