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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Google Panda 25: What it Can Do? | Panda Update

According to Google's Matt Cutts the Google Panda 25 is going to update on either 15th March or 18 March 2013.

This news has catched the attention of the Blogger's of Blogging World. Professional Bloggers are calm while
some of the Newbie Bloggers are restless with this news.

What Google Panda 25 Update Can Do?

1.Your Traffic may dip by many folds or may even increase.
2.It may affect the blogs with irrelevant do-follow backlinks.
3.Link builders will have troubles ultimately.
4.May even remove your blog if reported as SPAM.
5.Impact of the disavowal tool will be MAIN ATTRACTION.
6.Changes in ranking of keywords


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What people Thinks Google Panda? (Funny)

Panda is a like a menstrual cycle. It comes once a month at about the same time. Sometimes a few days early, sometimes a few days late, and is always accompanied by webmaster PMS.

Whatever it is... its only going to add more trouble to webmasters and will push more users to join Adwords.

Well, I'm bored with Panda & Penguin. I want to see some new white & black animal. C'mon Google update something new.

Real GOAL of Google

  • To Reward the Real Bloggers and punishing the Bloggers who always steal content.
  • Make Searching more Relevant

1 comment:

  1. Google will also be able to suitably deal with ill-structured websites and web pages that have little or no merit and penalize sites that have high bounce rate, poor traffic, and lack of quality inbound links. ColibriTool



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