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Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Insert Video in Blogger Article | Upload Video

Today we are going to discuss how you can insert an video in your blog post. Most of people for inserting  the video in their blogspot First of all upload that video on some video website like Youtube & then they embed that video int their blog post.
But you donot need to Upload video to other websites you can directly upload your videos to

Steps to Upload video in Blogger Post

1.Click on the Album icon.
Upload video

2. Then there are 5 options for inserting the videos
Upload videos

a) Upload from the computer:-You can upload the video directly from your computer.

b) From Youtube:-You can select the video by searching from the internet and insert that into your blog post.

c) My Youtube Videos:-It will show all the videos which you have uploaded on youtube. You can directly insert them.

d ) From Phone:-Using it you can upload your videos from phone.

e) Using webcam:-It will start the webcam and  video taken will be uploaded and inserted in your blog post.

3.After selecting the video Click Select/Upload button and video will be inserted in your blog post.

By this way you can easily add the videos in your blog post.The Output is shown below.

Uploaded video

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  1. I Already Know About This Dude But i am Upload My All Videos on Youtube. So i Will Upload Any Video so why Youtube Send me Copyright Mail.

    Thank You Please Tell me About This Problem.

    1. They send copyright email only if that video is not yours...........



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