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Sunday, 2 June 2013

3 Most Loved and Hatred Bloggers in Blogging World

Hello Friends
Today I am going to tell you about Top 3 Most Loved as well as Most Hatred Bloggers. According to Me TOP 3 MOST LOVED & HATRED BLOGGERS are these 3 Persons. Check Why?

Amit Agarwal (

Page Rank:-6
Alexa Rank:-2621

Because his is the Number 1 Blogger in India
He is Role Model who want to become Pro-Blogger

Although Newbie Bloggers consider him their Ideal but hates when they see their posts are indexed below him every time even if they have Posted earlier then him.

Harsh Agrawal (

Page Rank:-4
Alexa Rank:-3464

He Shares Important Knowledge on SEO and Blogging.
Promotes other Blogger Too by Guest Posting

Because he has posted everything, every topic of SEO, Blogging etc and Now its nearly impossible for newbie bloggers to find a new topic.


Page Rank:-6
Alexa Rank:-4599

He is Just like a Free Blogger Teacher
Distributes a lot of Free Gifts like Free Templates

He has posted about every topic about Blogger & difficult for newbie bloggers to find a new Topic about Blogger Platform. Also his posts indexed above other bloggers even he had posted after other bloggers.

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Note:-Please Donot Consider this Post So Seriously. Its not Written against any Personal Its JUST for Fun


  1. I Love Above Listed 3 of Bloggers Because All Are Inspiration to Me as a Newbie :) .



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