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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Use Best Blogger Theme to Target Mobile Users | Check Mobile Preview

Today the Use of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart phones for Surfing the Internet is increasing day by day. As Mobile is a Portable so it helps people to Access the anywhere without using Bulky and Heavy Laptops. So if you are a blogger then you cannot ignore the Traffic that may come to your website from surfing Internet on Mobile Phones. So you should choose a template which is not only good looking but also user friendly for Mobile Users.

Blogger Provide you facility to use separate templates for Mobile Devices. You should use this facility for making your website more mobile friendly.

How to check How your website looks On Mobile Phone?
1. Go to template
2. Then Click the Button Shown

3. A popup will open. Click Preview to Check how your Blog looks on Mobile Devices.

4. Preview Looks Like:-

Which Theme You Should Choose For Your Blog?
The Blogger Provides You the facility to choose your Template. You have 2 Options:-

On mobile devices, show a mobile version of your current template.
Show mobile template on mobile devices.
Show desktop template on mobile devices.

If you are using Custom template then if you are satisfied how your blog looks on Mobile Devices then its fine. But if your template is not good looking on Mobile Devices then You can choose Available templates for Mobile Phones.

Templates Available for Mobile Devices:-

  • Dynamic View
  • Simple
  • Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • Ethereal
  • Travel

You can choose any of the above templates according to your convenience.  But Dynamic View is the Best suited template for Mobile Devices. Dynamic View Template is basically started by Blogger for touch screen devices.

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