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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Blogger Vs WordPress | Who is Better Platform?

Hello Friends,
Find some time for Blogging but Exam are going on. Exam SUCKS!!!
Today we will compare Blogger Blogs and WordPress Self Hosted Blogs. 

Wordpres vs Blogger

Plugins & Widgets
WordPress has more than 24 Thousand Plugins and Widgets where as there are only few Widgets available for Blogger.

Content Ownership
In Both Blogger and WordPress content belongs to you But in Blogger Google may delete your blog but in Self hosted blog you have full control over your content.

There are a lot SEO plugins available for the WordPress but there are no plugins for Blogger. You have to manually apply some tricks to get Better SEO.

WordPress has thousands of Free and Paid Themes where as Blogger has much less themes compared with WordPress

WordPress Self Hosted Blogs are considered as much more reputed than WordPress. People always consider Blogger Blogs as free and unprofessional.

Number of Authors
Blogger can only have 100 co-author of a blog but there is no limit on WordPress Self Hosted Blog

You can customize your WordPress according to your wish you can make your WordPress Website a      E-commerce Website or a Social Networking with the helpf of lot of available plugins. But is meant for only Blogging.

Google is against Selling Blogs. Although you can transfer your blogger blog to another Account but It may delete you if they by chance found that you have sold it to anyone. But You are free to Sell any one.

There is always a Tension that Google may delete your Blogger Blog but Google cannot delete WordPress blog.

Blogger Blogs are nearly impossible to hack where as WordPress Blogs can be Easily Hacked.

Blogger blogs are Free of cost but to have a WordPress Self Hosted Blog You Need to Spend Some Bucks on Hosting and domain name.

Both WordPress and Blogger have a User Friendly Dashboard for Admins. However Blogger Dashboard has limited features where as You may add a lot of Features to your Admin Dashboard.

Account Type 
Blogger have only 2 types-either Administrators or Non-Administrators. Where as in WordPress accounts for Editors, Authors and Contributors can be created.

Static Pages
Blogger can have only 20 Static Pages but WordPress can have any number of Static Page.

Although both WordPress and Blogger are equally famous but Most of the Professional Bloggers use WordPress

Famous Blogs on WordPress Platform


Famous Websites on Blogger Platform


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  1. I have been thinking of shifting to wordpress. Please share a detailed post on how to go about it. I have already bought a domain name via blogger last year. Also, what should I do to ensure that my *GFC readers* see my posts in their dashboard as well !




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