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Saturday, 6 April 2013 - A Style Blog by Vidhi Gandhi

Finally another awesome Saturday is here & We are here with the a Interview with Vidhi Gandhi - Fashion Stylist and Writer.  She is a Popular Style Blogger. Her Blog has more than 1200+ Followers. She is the source of inspiration for all young Fashion Bloggers. She has combined the Power of Blogging with her great knowledge about Fashion to help thousand of her loyal readers.

Blog Name:-Style High Street


Interview With Vidhi Gandhi

Please tell us about yourself?
I am Vidhi Gandhi- Fashion Stylist and Writer who is passionate about style and believe that style is everywhere. It is in the stationery you use or even the home you lounge in. Style is everywhere. We just have to discover and explore it. As far as my work is concerned, I am currently freelancing as a stylist and put together looks for ads, videos, social media and personal portfolios and freelance as a fashion writer for a couple of magazines and websites.

Tell us about your educational background?
I am a Post Graduate in Mass Communications and a Commerce Graduate. Apart from major courses, I have done basic course in creative writing and DTP.

How this Blog will help people?
I have noticed that most people like expensive things just because they are expensive. One need not necessarily wear a MANGO blouse, infact I know people who cannot afford high street brands even during sales. I would be lying if I say that I am not attracted to high street brands. I buy high street stuff but do not treat it as a way of life. My blog is exactly about the same. Style is not about wearing and owing expensive things. One can mix high street and street stuff and still look spectacular. At times I only wear stuff shopped from streets on my blog. That is why I named my blog as Style High Street. Style means looking stylish, High means high street fashion and Street means shopping on streets like local shops, fashion street, linking road and the like.

In Which year and Why you started blogging?

Who is your Role model in Blogging world?
All those who care about nothing but creativity.

How Much time do you spend daily for Blogging?
2 hours

Your Future plans about this blog?
To help more people seeking for Style solutions. I aim to post more affordable yet stylish looks by working on shopping solutions. I want more of the middle class to come to my blog for style and fashion tips and concrete advice and suggestions.

What are your Hobbies apart from Blogging?
Photography, reading and creating my stuff for myself like bracelets, bags and shoes.

Which are your favorite blogs?
Republic of Chic, The Sartorialist and Don't Shoe me. I genuinely appreciate, admire their blogs and learn a great deal just by browsing their blogs.

Are you doing any promotion for your blog/company?
Not as of now. Only collaborations with brands for reviews, features and giveaways.

What message you wants to give to our Newbie Fashion/Style Bloggers?
Stick to your originality. It will definitely return you best in the long run.

Final word:-
Hope this interview will give you more energy to do best in blogging. Keep visiting us to read more interview on my blog.

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