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Sunday, 28 April 2013 by Urmi Daga & Hemal Ved

Finally another awesome but hot Sunday is here & We are here with the Interview with Urmi Daga &  Hemal Ved working together as fashion stylists. They have an awesome blog where  people can know about the latest fashion trends.

Interview with Urmi Daga &  Hemal Ved

Please tell us about yourself?
We are two close friends Urmi Daga &  Hemal Ved working together as
fashion stylists since 2 years and are based in Mumbai.

Tell us about your educational background.
We are from a media background, no educational fashion background per say.

What is your Blog Name?
What Wear How

How this Blog will help people?
Ours is a very light hearted fashion blog, telling our readers of
whats going on and influencing them to incorporate current fashion
trends into their outfits.

In Which year and Why you started blogging?
July 2012, we wanted to try it out, blogs used to fascinate us, it was
a medium to reach out to so many fashion lovers!

How Much time do you spend daily for Blogging?
Couple of hours weekly.

Your Future plans about this blog?
We have just come up with our fashion feature video. We love
experimenting and exploring; loads to come.

What are your Hobbies apart from Blogging?
We are freelance stylists, our hobby of shopping has turned into our profession.

Which are your favorite blogs?
A beautiful mess is one of the favorites.

Are you doing any promotion for your blog/company?
Through our social mediums - facebook page and twitter

What message you wants to give to our Newbie Fashion Bloggers?
We are all sailing in the same boat; lets row it together!

Final word:-
Hope this interview will give you more energy to do best in blogging. Keep visiting us to read more interview on my blog.


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