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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Create your Resume on Blogspot for Free | Resume Blogger Template

Hi member of Indian blogger community.....

Today we are going to tell Teach you:-
How you can make your resume online with the help of new Blogger Template named resume made by us?

Resume is a template which can be used to make online CV,Resume and biodata.


How to Make your Resume:-
1.Go to
2.Create a new blog and choose the blog name with your name.


let suppose is not available.You Can choose the name
by combining NAME,SURNAME and College name

3.Now click the below link and download the zip file.

4.Extract it and copy the entire code.

(NOTE:Please donot click on Expand Widget Templates)
6.Remove all the code written there and paste the code from the file you just have downloaded.
7. It will give a warning:Template does not contain widgets....

You can easily edit the content written by going to TEMPLATE>EDIT HTML.
Editing just requires little knowledge of HTML.

Enjoy this online RESUME made on Blogger and they more about it to your friends....:)

Please comment if you encounter any problem............................


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  3. That's quite creative. It's like an online profile within a blog. Nice idea and tutorial.

    Cheers xxxx
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